Vizify working with Twitter to create a video clip of our Bio # FollowMe


Twitter just surprise all and sundry with the launch yesterday of a new tool in collaboration with Vizify , the application that converts our data in interactive biography. This new tool is called # FollowMe and Vizify used in a few seconds to create a video clip based on HTML5 with the best photos, tweets, videos of Vine, followers of our Twitter account. Using it is as simple as access through the link. Connecting the application with our Twitter account and the process is performed automatically. Once we see the result and edit it if necessary to change photos, tweets, followers or accompanying soundtrack playback.

When we are satisfied with our reproduction may share it on Twitter and paste the link in our bio. If you already have an account on Vizify. playback is automatically added as a new element in our biography. you can see the result of my own then:



photo by: Rosaura Ochoa

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