Multcloud Unify all your online hard drives

These past years have meant the final explosion of storage services in the cloud. Although existed for quite some time has not until now that we have seen deployment and popularization among netizens.

Companies that offer such services have been engaged in a struggle for see who offers the best deal. Each oriented service improvements to a certain aspect that sets it apart. There are those who struggle to provide more capacity others seek safety enhance other associated services or who’s looking to have the best options for sharing. A fight to the benefit to the user, which can have a wide offer of guaranteed quality.

However in this frantic race to offer more and better users fall into the temptation to go to all generating a string of services that we end up not using or just a mess of files I never found widespread service in the meantime. Another possibility is that so many offers we want to take the best of each and use each service where it is more functional. A choice of services ultimately ends up generating choice and lack of productivity.

However access solution to all these storage options scattered Multcloud gives us the ability to group all our services in one place your page. With Multcloud we will have a unified access to popular online services hard drive so we will not go back and forth looking for that damn file that Access cannot find.

To start using Multcloud just have to check in and give you access to access our files. From here we simply have to add the corresponding service. It supports the most common: Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive, Box, etc.. 

Having all unified services offers the advantage of being able to easily transfer files, make global searches, unify the available space or to share space. Although enables preview of files, does not allow editing of them which we will have to go to open them with external programs or services that do allow it like Google Drive.

To further facilitate the order Multcloud puts its emphasis on simple and clean interface for it dispenses with options for more advanced users but is an acceptable sacrifice if we are looking for easy access stylish interface.

 Unify all your online hard drives Multcloud

We know it is not the only option on the network that unifies our storage but it is the most interesting so we have discussed here. But within this competitive rush to neither provide better storage facilities, nor doubt that appear best solutions and at the same time Multcloud improve Everything is for the benefit of the user.

You can try .

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