Twitter will display the images on the timeline by default

The timeline of Twitter  has been  only one saw the latest tweets sent by others Far away in time. After a series of updates where he first came to ordering the particular way conversations from a line now no longer need to even click on the link to see the images loaded, the default will be displayed in our timeline.


This new feature will only work with images uploaded to Twitter and videos that are shared through Vine . And you may have already noticed the difference with the new options to respond retweet or Custom which are permanently active served leaving the option to the more dynamic and interactive timeline.

It is true that these changes offered by Twitter be very useful for many users who work with social networks perhaps but it is also true that slowly the essence of a simple social networking and fast beginning to have more noise in your timeline something perhaps unwanted by the majority.

Reading a tweet begins to complicate and lost sight of the fleeting nature of this service we love you all for its simplicity and speed.


photo by: stevegarfield

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