Secure Gmail extension to encrypt your emails from Gmail

Secure Gmail extension

The issue of security is far from step aside and therefore we have been sharing information to try to keep as safe as possible our life online. Google services are used daily by millions of users based on this shared a solution to encrypt documents in Google Drive and now it’s time to learn how to encrypt our emails to Gmail.

Secure Gmail is the extension that will help us to encrypt our emails in Gmail using it we will be able to add a password and the user tries to open the document does not possess, it may take you a hard time because they are unlikely to be able to decipher

Secure Gmail for now only works with Google Chrome and operating it should just install it from the Chrome Web Store and update. If we open our mail from Gmail. Once you update the page will see a padlock in red with white on one side of the draw button clicking on it we are using Secure Gmail to encrypt the email we’ll send.

Once you have written the mail to send we just press on the blue button at the bottom as long as we would proceed to add the password to protect the mail.

Install Secure Gmail .


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