Redirect 404 errors to your homepage

1x1.trans Redirect 404 errors to your homepage

SEO is a nuisance do not know if you’ll agree with me, because it is not always enough to write much and write good original articles there are uncertainties that may impair your website to search engines face  and the page not found error  or 404 are one of those imponderables.

Many WordPress themes usually offer a 404 page so it is not a mistake pure and simple, and incidentally offer a search engine or whatever but sometimes it’s appropriate that any 404 is directed to the front page of your website  where if there is content.

If so and you want to make this redirection just add these lines to your . htaccess :


< IfModule mod_alias.c>

RedirectMatch 301 ^ / search / $

RedirectMatch 301 ^ / tag / $

RedirectMatch 301 ^ / category / $

</ IfModule >

What it does is redirect 404 searches tags or categories to the main page. Just change the URL example for yours and save the changes.

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