Mobility And Cloud Are Driving Big Data

The ever evolving world of technology is getting filled with a whole new horizon of data as more and more users take on mobility to stay online round the clock. This has brought in the age old factor of interaction into the limelight which has always driven perpetual growth. According to CIBC, there would be an exuberant growth in information generation during the next decade. It is being estimated that the overall rise would be to the tune of 50 times. Moreover IDC, a market research team also has come out with a similar figures stating that there would be at least 44 fold increase in the data encapsulation till 2020.

As mobile, social networking, wearable technology and internet of things come to the mainstream, it is leading to an explosion of data. This has led to a whole new outlook for big data firms as the need for more insights to the user engagement increases. There is no denying the fact that enterprises see better growth prospects by bringing out products and services made specific to their targeted user requirements.

Be it iOS and android, mobile developers have also taken cognizance of the fact that in order to have an edge over the market they need to incorporate analytics into their applications which could result in determining the usage pattern of their users. This would help them, create even more intuitive and interactive experience for the users.

Many analysts are of the vire that big data could hold the key to the next phase of evolution in the technology sector. Mobility as well as cloud computing has already touched their peaks and users are now looking for the next shift which would extend their productivity into the core architecture of business workflow.

There is a need for better understanding of the data analytics and examine connectivity to mobile and cloud, analyze its potential to devise user engagement, practical applications associated with it, and pitfalls. If these questions are answered properly then there can be a big push towards diversity in all aspects of technology. It is important to understand that mobility, cloud computing and internet of things are the driving forces behind the evolution of big data.

Mobility And Cloud Are Driving Big Data

Big data is emerging from a slew of operations and is only a part of smartphone penetration and consumer usage patterns. The data that is being generated on social networking sites, mobile application usage, online shopping, and even e-commerce, is acting as a tinder to the explosion of analytics.

Although the data that is being generated is not that different from earlier data coming out of the traditional web. But as mobility has come the center stage, the usage has become more personalized and at a larger rate. Consumers have just started to leave a huge trail of data documentation which can lead to future products and services. It has to be taken into account that data created using traditional web was static and with mobility coming into picture users are constantly creating reams of data even though they are not using anything due to real time connectivity.

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