Mega Run -a fun free game for Android

Mega Run is a fun free game for your Android platform


One use we give our Smartphone game is perfect for leisure, kill as we await the bus for a long ride or anywhere we want. The range of games for Android is huge, so you just have to take a small tour of Google Play and surely find one that we like.

If you will not waste time searching for a fun game, and are fans of platform games, allowing a suggestion: Mega Run. This is a fun free game for Android devices 2.2 and later, very addictive and ideal for spending long periods of fun.

In the game you assume the role of Redford, a nice red creature, you must run and jump to collect precious stones and coins, with the ultimate goal of achieving the salvation of their friends. We wait 80 levels of entertainment, from five different worlds.

Link | Mega Run

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