Internet Explorer 11 Modern interface changes UI and other improvements

Internet Explorer 11

Besides supporting and Dash WebGL MPEG Microsoft has implemented other improvements in Internet Explorer 11 in particular under Modern interface UI .Improvements favoring the usability of a product, although it has been a big change from Internet Explorer 9 by the debut of the Modern UI interface was lacking some features that have long been implemented competition.

A new interface to manage bookmarks, unlimited tabs, sync between devices, increased security increased performance and the redesign of the developer tools put the salt to a browser that was lagging behind compared to febrile its most direct feed rivals.

  • Managing favorites. One of the weaknesses of Internet Explorer 10 Modern UI are favorites. Until now these have been treated in the browser in a somewhat basic. The possibility of anchoring a bookmark to the home screen is fine. But if you have many it is difficult to handle. Large icons in the browser, and bookmark important gibberish anchored to the home screen have made ​​is not comfortable handling. In Internet Explorer 11 has been improved this aspect through a new interface that can be accessed from the application bar.
  • Unlimited tabs. Another aspect to improve Internet Explorer 10 is the limitation of the number of open tabs a maximum of ten. Internet Explorer 11 does not have this limitation; few can have opened all want.
  • Synchronization between devices. Internet Explorer 11 incorporates the ability to sync between devices: history, bookmarks, open tabs and sync settings across machines animated by Windows 8.1 by counting Microsoft.
  • Improved safety. Internet Explorer 11 will monitor the binary extensions (such as ActiveX) before discharge thanks to a built-in anti-malware engine.
  • Better performance. Since the value in the old military service is supposed. Microsoft claims that the pages will load faster and switching between tabs also improves speed. It argues why but in principle it should be. Each new product usually incorporates optimizations, particularly in the world of browsers.
  • Tools for developers. The desktop version of Internet Explorer 11 provides developer tools completely redesigned to help test all devices, browsers or even Windows Store applications on Microsoft word.

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photo by: Sean MacEntee

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