Instagram now allows you to Send Private Messages

Instagram currently permits you to send personal messages
Service to require photos and share intervernirlas now additionally permits exchange personal messages between users which may contain photos or videos; yesterday Twitter was ready to send photos direct message
The photograph commercial enterprise service Instagram, that is owned by Facebook, currently enabled the publication of personal messages with photos or videos . The messages will be shared with up to fifteen individuals at the same time.

Introducing Instagram Direct Official VIdeo


According to its developers, the concept is that you just will hold personal conversations around an image or video, while not having to share that content to all the followers of a user of Instagram.
Instagram Direct obtainable for android and iOS, comes 2 days after once change causation Twitter direct messages (ie,personal messages) with photos. Another difference is Instagram with Twitter is that you just will remotely delete personal messages sent to a user Instagram.
With a hundred and fifty million users, Instagram functions as a social network optimized for mobile in a very manner that Facebook still unsuccessful. And Twitter conjointly athletics within the field of video, Twitter has vine , the service center for making and sharing videos six seconds, and Facebook has the choice of recording and posting videos of Instagram, fifteen seconds long . .

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