Hunt monsters on your Android with Monster Blade

Hunt monsters on your Android with Monster Blade


One of the best selling games in Japan in the field of mobile devices is undoubtedly the series of Monster Hunter , so much success that comes their titles might compare the height of Pokemon for example.

This time we will talk about one of the games developed by Nubee ,Monster Blade, which has a Free to play mode, with a very interesting graphic designs, staying not anything behind what you can see in the popular saga Japan (Monster Hunter).

Our objective, in Monster Blade to Android is to eliminate various enemies that are standing in our way, with this we can keep improving our character by equipping it with weapons and armor that will offer superior among other things, new skills and offensive improvements and defensive.

On the other hand, a feature that has been integrated into Nubee Blade Monster make it a great option to enjoy with friends, is that we can play cooperatively to move forward in the game, but of course, has not yet added any PVP game mode, so that people who enjoy this mode should keep waiting to see if it appears in a new update.

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