How to get traffic with pinterest

blog image logo pinterest is beating google and is now the 3rd largest social network 300x67 How to get traffic with pinterest

Pinterest can bring an avalanche of traffic to your blog, here I bring you some tips to edit your photos and get more hits.

Tip 1:

Take pictures in portrait or cut them

Tip 2:

Use words like: HOW TO DO, DO, DO YOUR SAME, etc, it tells the reader that in the article you will find a step by step or tutorial which motivated him to visit your site or Repin image to read it later.

Tip 3: 

Put big letters on your image occupying minimum 25% of the photo should be big enough so you can see clearly and attention.

Tip 4: 

Do not explain how in the photo or in the description remember that you want to visit your site.

These were a few tips to edit your pictures to pinterest and you can get more visits. In upcoming posts I’ll be trying more items on pinterest

photo by: MRBECK

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