Create ringtones with Ringtonium Android application

Create ringtones with Ringtonium


If you want a Android application that allows you to make custom ringtones, thenRingtonium can certainly be one of the best alternatives for you, allowing you torecord, edit or create completely a ringtone in an extremely simple and quick.

Once you access the application we have two options, first, pick a track you already have on your terminal, or otherwise record a sound to create our ringtone , then we can thank a file manager choose the file sound, and start editing adding eg multiple effects.

Thus, once we have finished creating our ringtone, we assign to this sound file up to four categories to be displayed in different applications or configuration screens , you are music tracks, ringtones , alarm tones and notification tones.

Curiously mention that there are three versions of Ringtonium , versionLITE , free, but includes advertising, and an innovative call Ringtonium PRO Gold , which is free, but we keep trying to change additional applications, and secondly Ringtonium PRO Link: Ringtonium LITE | Ringtonium PRO Gold | Ringtonium PRO

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