All you can do with Google Glass and what you should not

The Google Glass  are the latest device created by Google to make our daily life an experience of permanent connection with our friends, relatives and near through photographs, charts, emails, meetings and relevant information in real time about our activities and the environment around glass

In a video posted Playground Inc.

Company today under the title What If We Had Glass? If we had Glass the company goes one step further with the functionality of the device showing as would be an improved version of the same in addition to the capabilities offered by Google.

Playground Inc dreams of a device that allows you to do all sorts of everyday activities such as buying food. See the path where you go order a taxi from any location. Call emergency if a relative or friend of yours is in danger. Information of any product that you are about to buy to get the best price ever, helping you in your lessons guitar or other instrument. And even, and what we would most like to gamers, video game display additional information you are enjoying far.

It is something that would make life simpler more productive and more efficient to many providing us the way we do our daily activities incredibly. But technology likes any other science of our knowledge. Should be viewed from several points of view one required in the case of technology and especially in the type of these devices Privacy, relationships with friends in a part of the video is seen as an individual marker is pending a match instead of being concentrated in chatting with their friends.

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