4 elements to improve your ranking with WordPress

wordpress ranking

Today WordPress has become the main platform for those non-experts who wish to have their own websites as a blog and even more professional. In fact one of the great advantages of this system is that we can improve search engine rankings like Google and then four keys show you how.

  1. The first has to do with the spaces of title and description .When we got a new entry we can see the HTML code that will be the same and that forms the title. Well if not attractive enough for a standard search on Google should change.
  2. Something similar happens with the images. In them as we climbed it always fill in all fields possible also including title and description.
  3. If we think of the item description that allows us to fill in WordPress we know it is one of the most important HTML elements available to us. It should contain roughly the key elements of the issues addressed by the blog and the particular entry.
  4. Finally the blog URLs are also very important. Since WordPress have generated numeric codes included our recommendation is to change the “permalink ” something that takes just a few seconds and can give you lots of visitors.


photo by: Phil Oakley

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