2 best games for Windows 8

Bored? Need something that fun? Look no further! Here we are with the best games for Windows 8. We’ll see what they can offer Defense Samurai VS ZombiesGravity Guy.

The best games for Windows 8.

And if you tried on your own especially a game that you liked, or know of someone who deserves to be on our list, leave us a comment so that we can review it and include it in future editions

Zombies VS Samurai Defense

Zombies VS Samurai Defense is a free game that probably many of you already know to be available on other platforms like Android and iOS. Now also available in Windows 8 for free but you always have the option of micropayments if you get certain things faster.

In this game you take the role of a heroic Samurai must defend your village with zombie hordes attack that will be coming in several waves. You can recruit allies which include farmers, warriors and archers, and even build defenses to stop their advance strategically.

Playing mini-games will earn extremely rare items to help you on your quest, if that were not enough weapons, defenses and magical abilities that can go along getting your way in the struggle for the defense of your villa.

Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy long ago saw the light in the store of Windows 8

Our role is that of a brave adventurer pursued by change gravity at will in a world where the laws of this fundamental interaction are not respected. Gravity Guy name given to your character you must escape the gravity Troops.

To do this you must run through the scenarios without stopping even for a moment. You will guide you through all the maze maps reversing gravity when necessary, but be careful not to crash into obstacles or get you.

This game has several modes in single variant, as history, endless or practice. It also offers the possibility of up to four persons simultaneously play using a single keyboard.

This addictive and fast adventured game features 30 challenging levels, 3 different worlds, and guarantees you many hours of fun!

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