10 tips to tweet well

10 tips to tweet well

On how many occasions we have not seen the need to delete a tweet that caused an effect we did not expect? We can avoid these situations by simply taking into account the following tips to tweet well:

1. No twittees nothing you would not see in a spectacular with your face on it. Think 2 times before making a comment, especially if you’re upset.

2. Use URL shorteners. Trying to say everything you want to communicate in as few characters as possible.

3. Read what you wrote. Trust your writing skills but the spell checker often acts up double check your tweet before publishing.

4. Check your mentions. A letter wrong and your message will come to another user.

5. Twittees not drunk. Under no circumstances should tweet drawback state much less publish photos in that state. You can take pictures outside with your friends, but not in that state and preferably hold glasses and cigarettes out of frame.

6. Do not shout. Write all caps are considered shouting lift or tone. Capitals only used when necessary.

7. Do not insult. Talking is frowned profanity in any case; moreover when you really need to use an impact will be much greater if you do regularly.

8. Check your URL’s. Tweet url’s that take you to pages erroneous advertising or make you lose credibility with your community not twittees by tweet read the content and generates conversation.

9. Tweets at busy times. Hardly get retweets at 4 in the morning. Save your quality content for times of high flow users.

10.Do not lie. What you say on the networks it stays there forever so it is important never to miss the truth no matter how hard it is.

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