10 Tips to make money with your website


10 tips for those who want to start a blog to make money

It is not easy to give a single answer, as there are many factors that must be analyzed individually, factors dependent profile of the entrepreneur, area in which you want to act, country where the project will start and so on.

Trying to be as general as possible, and helping to have a starting point to begin a discussion individually with each interested, I leave 10 tips, from my point of view, may be useful in this world.

Here are 10 Tips to make money with your website

1 – If you want to stand out with a blog on a specific theme, there must be a lot of passion in the project. Not worth starting to write about a subject that is unknown or does not motivate us at all, readers are not stupid and know how to differentiate a quack from a professional.

2 – Time. Write an article every day and leave the blog blank during the holidays is a hobby, not a professional endeavor. One thing to want to show on the blog what we can do as professionals, a reflex that can attract customers to act in another area and does not require an extremely high frequency of publication, another thing to want to make money with a blog transforming in an information important in its class, and that it takes many hours last working day.

3 – Help. It is very difficult to transform a personal blog on a reference medium, you must take help of various types: editors, sponsors, professionals dedicated to the world of hosting to understand the characteristics of the project, people who understand web design, usability, SEO and other technical matters … everyone has something to offer, and all have something to give in return, you have to find the balance to maintain stable relationships “win-win”.

4 – Reflections. Blog, digital newspaper, magazine, dedicated website … the name you want to give to the project is not important, what is really essential is to understand that if you are informed; we must be attentive to what happens constantly. Each issue requires a balance between speed when releasing important news and details that readers want to know. Only after a long time working on the site will be possible to find that balance, but it is important not to take too long to report what is happening.

5 – Analysis of the community. There are readers who prefer short reviews and articles readers seeking long explaining all the details of the news. There are readers who only read the title and readers who consult one by one all the comments made ​​by the rest. There readers we publish contrasting with other sites and readers who do not need it … There are many tools that can help us meet our community of readers, and that knowledge is essential to tune demand and supply of information.

6 – Patience. If you have an issue that is not yet well developed in the Internet in your language, you have time to dedicate to the subject, you have the necessary infrastructure and passion to devote several hours a day with a smile on your mouth, now lack the patience. The money does not come overnight, it is sometimes necessary to devote years to see the fruit economically attractive. In fact not very different from other projects within and outside the Internet. You start from the bottom and with dedication and luck grows, there is no secret in that aspect.

7 – Common Sense. If you are experienced in finance, cars, boats and recipes, and the four themes attract you equally, seleccionad the matter that has less competition in your market and you can offer more value ads (an ad car plans or a more lucrative investment is one of recipes, and what the advertiser can gain from a click is much greater in one case than in another).

8 – Focus. Better to try a particular subject to write about “a bit of everything,” mainly because that way more specific will attract a community of readers and advertisers will be easier to search.

9 – Respect for the language. check two or three times each article before publishing. Spelling mistakes can be forgiven occasionally, but are ideal for grammatical expel any potential follower.

10 – Dedication to social networks. People increasingly less comments on blogs, the conversation is migrating and is now focused on social networking. You have to spend much time on Twitter, Face book and Google Plus to react adequately to possible questions or criticism. There they are our future readers, those who still do not know us, and never come to our blog if we care we give them the information they are seeking.

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