10 Tips to improve blog traffic

10 useful tips for Bloggers that will increase visits to your blog.

Tips to Improve Your Blog traffic

  1. Discovered : For fans need to create a climate of trust this requires you to be transparent and make yourself known. 
  2.  Help Google to index your pages: Make sure that your blog settings have enabled access to Google to index your pages. 
  3.  Short items : many bloggers leave open items ie in the blog page which concentrate all items all items are shown completely. It is much better especially if your articles are too long, cut every item in a paragraph. This will improve the user experience as it can read the beginning of each item and if interested can click on read more. On the other hand when your subscribers receive the newsletter by email you have no choice but to give read more and enter your website the other way you can read everything in the correct. Para cutting an article you just have to place the cursor at the point you want to cut and you click on the button located between “remove link” and “ABC spellchecker”
  4. Categorize your items: one of the most common errors use categories to help organize the theme of your blog and therefore improve the position of your pages and user navigation. 
  5.  Go easy on the labels:  the labels extend the information categories although there is a maximum number determined I recommend between 1 and 6. 
  6. Use your language: while it may seem more attractive and sometimes necessary in some words use another language in the menus, titles, categories, etc … will not make your pages appear in the results of your Original language. In short if I write in English will appear in Google results for searches in English.
  7. Put a title: Put a title related to the topic in the home is essential if Google knows what will your Blog. Go into Settings / General and put a title and a tag line or slogan of your blog, between the two should not exceed 65 characters, which is the space occupied by a title in the Google search results.
  8. Entries Answer:  If someone leaves a comment is important that you answer to create interaction with your readers and because it’s polite.
  9. Use the buttons to share:  I will use them for other users to expand your content on other networks. 
  10. Refer your sources: If you write articles and add content from other bloggers or different sources it is an unwritten rule refer to these sources. It’s a thank you also improves the SEO of your pages.

            What are your tips to improve blog traffic?

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