10 Tips and Tricks for Candy Crush Saga

10 Tips and Tricks for Candy Crush Saga

In the world there are two kinds of people those who play Candy Crush and those without. And lately most of the people I know belong to the first group. It has become one of the most successful games with over 50 million downloads to Android. We review the 10 tips and tricks to get you through the levels of Candy Crush Saga more simply.

It could be done a sociological study on the strategies followed by each type of person to play Candy Crush. There are those engaged in that each level has a strategy and you have to follow to get past the level although later realize they have achieved precisely the time to have fun in playing almost without realizing it. There are also those who play by play without following any strategy and end up getting exceed chance levels. These will give advice to complete a level get it and I believe for all you know how to overcome each of the game’s levels. Finally there are those who pay and leave the account to buy aids to pass the game. In any case we review some little tips and tricks to get past levels Candy Crush Saga.

1.  Always look for special candies

It is essential to pay attention to the candy combinations that allow us to create special sweets. These candies have specific functions. Such as deleting columns or rows to eliminate all the candy that’s around or even do away with all the candies of a particular color. Since the level starts look to get those special sweets is vital. Normally sweets are achieved by combining four at a time or even five. There are three types of special sweets: they eliminate rows and columns which are striped. Those exploiting all the candy around they have a pouch and eliminating all the candy color with which we exchange it which are those that look like a donut.

2.  Start at the base

When we have to remove candies always better remove the base as this will to move all the candies that are in the upper rows and thus there is a possibility of occurrence of more deletions or created candies special in one turn. Sometimes though the base lines are not inferior. We should note that some candy teleport to other columns when they reach the end of a. We must consider what the last row is.

3. Create combos

If in the first step we talked about the special candies. Do we have to lose sight of the possibility of creating combos? That is if we combine two special candy get results even more special. For example combining two striped candies not only remove a column or a row but we eliminate both the column and the row. Combining a candy striped with one of the exploiters. We eliminate three rows and three columns. If we combine with a candy striped candy shaped donut then all the candies of the same color as the scratch become scratched. If we combine is the donut-shaped candy with a candy-like pouch, then remove all of the color of the bag once and then again every other color. I.e. we get the effect of donut-shaped candy twice. And finally if we combine two donut-shaped candy. Candy eliminates absolutely every level.

4. Includes striped candies

In Candy Crush is important to understand how all Special candies. The striped candy. candy is achieved by combining four of the same color. But sometimes it’s a candy that deletes rows and sometimes eliminating columns candy. We know the type of caramel stripes you have whether they are vertical or horizontal. And before forming the candy we know how it will be based on how we slipped the last candy that was scratching. If we slipped the candy horizontally scratching will be horizontal, and if we have slipped vertically will be vertical.

5. Make risk analysis

No Candy Crush is not a bank but will find levels that chocolate you go after us and levels where there are bombs. If we do not exploit the bombs in the number of turns indicated will end the turn. To avoid this it is good to have the bomb disposal as a priority and try to eliminate them as they appear may be an exception in special cases. On the other hand when fewer shifts which gives the pump room we forget about them and that they will never explode.

6.  Corners gelatins are the most complicated

At levels with gelatin the main thing is to remove the corners. Although there are many always get remove other while trying to remove the corners. It’s more complicated and it is important to focus early on in them, because if we have not spent many turns before trying to remove them, and we will not have time.

7. Plan a strategy

When there is a level of time we can take it slow and analyze what will be the most difficult of the level, because we have to pay close attention to it over all shifts. And not just at the beginning of the level but after each run we stop and think about what steps we will take to beat the level and how we can meet them. Also sometimes a different movement may be able to execute two actions at once we were going to run and additionally different.

8. Ground chocolate face

Chocolate is the worst enemy you’ll find Candy Crush. Each level and consume extends elsewhere in the panel. However, we can eliminate it by blowing up a candy that is next door. Of course, when this happens the chocolate will not expand to the next level but be paralyzed. Remove chocolate level after level is vital. And if we remove all chocolate from one level no longer appear. However at higher levels there are machines producing chocolate that although we eliminate occur. On the other hand chocolate can be an advantage since it does not usually go for the special candies. And besides you can also consume bombs before they explode making them disappear.

9. +5 Candy is well

When we meet at a time, we will add candy five seconds. These levels are very simple. In fact often bores me to play because I have too much time for having exploited candies five seconds. Must be something major, but should not detract from the main objective role of the level. Actually the time slots are the simplest of all.

10. Get lives without waiting half an hour

You know we got a life every 30 minutes. With this method you do not need even that. Only you will have to change the time of your Smartphone or tablet. The advance a couple of hours and you will have four lives. Yes then you will have to re-change the time. What does this mean? That will have to wait four hours until you return to a life. However be planned in such a way that during the time we sleep or work and do not use the game. Retrieve all the hours that we advance.

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