10 Tips and Techniques for Google AdSense

Google AdSense tips

Here you have some tips to optimize AdSense on our website:

  • Colors: The color palettes that will place ads on our site are a very important factor to consider. There are two sides: those who prefer to integrate the ads to web design and those who prefer to note the ads to attract visitors.
  • Use search forms: Besides text ads we have the ability to add a custom search engine for our site. This, besides being a nice touch on the part of Google to add a content search on our site, can bring us benefits if visitors access to sponsored links within the search performed.
  • Increase your website traffic: Obviously, the more users come to our site the more likely to get more benefits. It is important to follow some rules for better web design and therefore better search engine indexing and more visits from them.
  • Location: Quite important is where we will place ads on our site. You have to find a place to not disturb yet allow us to obtain good results. Google recommends following a pattern of hot spots: One can observe that the left upper and middle areas are the most effective.
  • Ethics in advertisements: Google prohibits using phrases like “Click here” or “Click on the ads”, you already must be clear. Nor is it possible besides being very annoying to visitors, place ads so that they merge with the content or web site menus.
  • Content: Another pretty obvious is to put good content on the pages where we inserted ads. The more keywords are on our content the more likely to display advertisements and thus many visitors who are interested in them.
  • Ad Formats: Google gives us various formats to display ads, including two different types: Image and Text. In principle we can let Google place any announcements either. The skyscraper and MPU are the formats I found most interesting. It might also be the ability to rotate the display format if we have server-side tools.
  • Smart Price: The Smart Price is when the price adsense pay for a click on an ad is very low around $ 0.02 when the normal price is much higher.
  •  Sales potential: It is possible to provide sales leads to Google with ads. To illustrate this case we will as an example having two sections in a website: articles and comparisons of products. Some ads placed on section comparisons are more likely to become a potential sale and therefore earn income higher than in the articles section where Google probably made ​​a discount by not providing final sales to the advertiser.
  • Be honest: Finally, although not directly related never do you click from other sites. Do not use tricks to illegally atribuirte income since the end everything falls under its own weight. Better to consider a system of effective ads in which the two sides are winners and avoid you cancel the account

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